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Hellooo~! I'm Boris, more commonly known as midgetsausage!
I'm very well known for my famous... nothing yet. I am still relatively small.

I'm an artist, 2D animator and musician—all amateur, mind you, and none professional—from Newgrounds.com, which has been my proud home for about 4 years now. Since then I've been working pretty hard.
(... with varied results. Mostly failure.)

That's about it for now, honestly.
As for this site, I made it because I really didn't like being limited by carrd and linktree, and I hate making a site with Wix/Wordpress, so I hopped on Neocities and relearned HTML for the hell of it and, well, here we are!

If you want to talk to me for one reason or another, feel free to.


made with love by midgetsausage, 2022
nevermind the fact that it was hosted on neocities.org