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I had to upload some of them to YouTube, since Newgrounds embeds don't work properly for some reason.


For these, I use Adobe Flash CS6.... though I've been eyeballing Toon Boom for a long while now.
I animate + publish whenever I feel like it, no schedules anywhere. But I usually
plan ahead whenever a deadline is set, like in a jam or in a collab!

More of my animations can be found on my Newgrounds!


Yes, I use ibisPaint for my digital art! Still no schedules.
Most of what I draw revolve around original works, but I like to participate in events like
collaborations, contests, and whatever I think I am available for!
More of my art can be found on my Newgrounds and Instagram!


The program I use for music depends on the song.
I've used GarageBand iOS, 0CC-Famitracker, JummBox and/or FL Studio 12.
Why I use so many programs is still a mystery. ... and still no specific schedules here either.

Other Stuff

For other miscellaneous things that probably don't belong here, there's a separate page for that!

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